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I help people and organizations out of behavior and thought patterns that no longer serve them. - Christy Belz, MSW

About Christy...

Drawing upon her business experience, her education and tenure within non profit management, Christy has an unique ability to pinpoint precisely where people are stuck and provide personal coaching services. Then she guides you deeper, to identify the conditioning, feelings and energy underneath that issue. Read More.


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Using innovative tools and technologies, Christy expertly facilitates leadership and empowerment change at the core level. So you don’t have to try to manage a behavior that’s not serving you. You release it. For good. Read More.


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Christy specializes in working with individuals and organizations, nonprofit or not for profit organizations – from firefighters and members of the military, to business leaders, to moms- to identify and remove obstacles so they experience unprecedented personal and professional growth. Read More.


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